My days at camp

Hmm my day at camp… It was fun. It was more then fun. it was amazing first we went to the beach and. I played socer and made a sand casl then we played games at camp like sardeens andprediter vs pray and then we told scary storys like the story of the hook but then we had to go home the next day. But but it as good to. WEe got to go home 30 minuts early.

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Hi let me ask you a question would you jump out of a plane? Hmmm yes, no, maby? I myself would not like to jump out of a plnae, it would be really scary! Well here is another one, would you like to be a S.A.R. tech? If not circle in the box below. Ha Ha  there is not a box below, so just answer me on my blog have you ever been in danger.

I have been in danger I was up a tree and a brantch brok so I fell. Lucky me I cought a brantch But if you want to see more coment !!!


I love sailing the wind in my hair the water in my boots the salt air in my lungs  it is so cool you shod try sailing on a catamaran oh forgot that is the name of the type of sailboat we used in the sailing lesions we got. and here are three things. I learned.

  1. How to mesher wind
  2. How to sail
  3. How to pull up a sail

IMG_1588 (Small)


Pysanka The Pysanka is a Ukrainian treasure. This year my class participated in the Ukrainian tradition of Pysanka making but  sadly we did not get to make them on real eggs. We made one  on paper. It was fun. I still think I will make one on a real egg.


This is my egg. Isn’t it cool. I made it myself!

The Best Place on Vancouver Island

Mt. Washingto, BC is  themt washington coolest place ever (cool, get it?) I like Mt. Washington so much I go there every chance  I get. It’s about a half hour drive from my house.

I like Mt. Washington because I can ski there in the winter & bike there  in the summer.

You should too because it is so fun skiing & biking IN THE SAME PLACE. And that’s why you should like to go to MT. Washington.

Brooklyn Primary Christmas Concert

On Friday morning my class will be the audience for the Brooklyn Primary Christmas Concert dress rehearsal. Have you heard about the concert? It’s going to be really cool! I’m imagining Christmas elves, Santa Claus, reindeer, candy canes, Christmas Trees, and all my favorite Christmas songs. I’ll post my review after the concert……..stay tuned.

My Dog Bella

My dog Bella is a chocolate lab cross. She is almost one year old. Bella loves to fetch a ball and run everywhere. She also likes to go to the beach. Don’t let the cuteness of a puppy fool you, having dog is hard work. For example, walks two times a day and picking up after a dog can be hard work. Do you have a dog?

The Mystical Dragon of the Ocean

“The Mystical Dragon of the Ocean” was soaring over the gray gleaming mountains with the sun shining off the water and rocks making the mountains look magnificent.  But not even that could outshine the dragon that looked more stunning than the ocean. With it’s shining scales and it’s fiery tail it is the most amazing creature in all the world!

The Legendary Dragon of Water

The Legendary Dragon of Water and Fire